Hasmate Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a material platform providing services including material solution, sample delivery and project management.  


As a start-up company since Jul. 2017, Hasmate has been involved in over 100 projects with interior design companies in Shanghai, Shenzhen, HK & Singapore from the start of original rendering. Our on-going projects are covering mainland China majorly. In China, we’ve signed up with 60 plus quarry owners for promotion from the front end of design, and 4 of which are with global exclusivity in agency. In overseas market, Hasmate teams up with Ice Stone to introduce quality natural stone of foreign quarry owners to China market. With global channels, we are striving to constantly upgrade our product line to improve our service.


Professional, Dedicated, Exquisite and Virtuous are core values of Hasmate. We are targeting to start from the city of Shanghai, radiate the major design cities in China, and step into the vision of state-of-the-art international design.


Hasmate is aiming to establish a transparent and precise landmark decoration material platform providing latest material and top-quality service for interior designers to create better works.